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We employ and develop talented people with the passion, energy and commitment to deliver class-leading results. We believe that our clients deserve to deal with a single Account Manager from initial discussions through to delivery, installation and defect rectification. In this way we protect project-specific knowledge and ensure that consistent standards are applied.

  • David Mackie, Principal
  • Steve Pearce, General Manager
  • Fiona Tmava, Senior Account Manager
  • Jack Nicholls, Senior Account Manager
  • Darla Dimitrovska, Senior Account Manager
  • Tugba Bilginer, Project Manager
  • Lisa Carlton, Furniture Consultant
  • Kevin Topham, Development Consultant
  • David Mackie, Principal

    David Mackie, Principal

    I established Interion in 2012, to create a truly independent furniture consultancy exemplifying best practice in the specification, supply and installation of business furniture.

    My primary responsibility is to find, develop and look after the best operational team in the business, ensuring that they maintain Interion’s core values while being happy and healthy in their working life. I’m also a disseminator of knowledge and experience, based on a long and varied career in working environments.

    Having obtained a degree in Social Psychology and Methods of Social Research, I applied these skills with Space Planning Services as a consultant. Here, I developed interior design skills, joining Steelcase Inc. two years later, initially as a designer for major projects.

    At Steelcase, I undertook many roles including National Accounts, Product Development and Marketing, but after 5 years of corporate life I wanted to see if I could run my own business. I teamed up with an ex-colleague to establish the first UK dealership for Haworth Inc., delivering multiple major projects for leading global entities.

    Despite this success, I became increasingly concerned with many aspects of the ‘tied dealer’ business model, and in 1992 elected to make the business totally independent, so that it could properly source and supply the products best suited to individual customer’s needs. I developed the business to include full design and construction services, and the company grew to be one of the most trusted in the industry with an annual turnover of circa £30m.

    By 2012, after following a Christian path, I had begun to re-assess many aspects of life, realising that financial success alone was not an adequate reason to work. My dream was to establish a business that represented the highest ethical standards, taking every opportunity to give more to its customers, suppliers, employees and good causes. With my deep understanding of the furniture world as a consultant, corporate employee and independent, it was natural that Interion would be a business furniture specialist.

  • Steve Pearce, General Manager

    Steve Pearce, General Manager

    I’m responsible for all the core operations of Interion, reporting to Principal David. All other team members report to me; I delegate, motivate, guide and support them in accordance with Interion’s values. I also manage a number of customer accounts directly.

    I joined in 2017 as an Account Manager, and have progressed to my current position through rigorous attention to detail and an ability to develop and sustain positive working relationships with customers, colleagues and suppliers.

    With a BSc in product design, I worked first on placement and then full time for a specialist bespoke furniture design & manufacturing business. I was able to apply a wide range of design skills and learn ‘on the ground’ about the process of effective furniture design and delivery.

    I wanted to develop these skills applied to whole projects rather than just the bespoke elements, which is why I joined Interion. Here, working with David and the wider team, I continue to learn – not only about the practicalities of effective delivery, but about the importance of applying consistent values and acting with integrity.

    I love our dedicated team; we are all hardworking, diligent individuals who support each other in a spirit of trust, co-operation – and fun! Our combined knowledge and expertise is second to none and it’s a great pleasure to apply this knowledge in a way that benefits our stakeholders and wider society.

  • Fiona Tmava, Senior Account Manager

    Fiona Tmava, Senior Account Manager

    As a Senior Account Manager, my role is to advise and support clients throughout a project’s lifecycle – from the initial meeting, through solutions development, to delivery and installation. I look after a wide range of customers and have undertaken a series of major projects throughout the UK and Europe.

    I joined Interion in April 2019 as Team Administrator. Thanks to the recognition of my hard work and exceptional training from David and Steve, I was promoted to Account Manager in September 2019, and more recently, to Senior Account Manager.

    Having obtained a Distinction in the Architecture Foundation Course at University of the Arts, I obtained a BA (Hons) Architecture RIBA Part 1 at University of Westminster. I worked for a private architectural practice, then as an Architectural Assistant for a construction company, before accepting that I preferred furniture to architecture! However, this foundation has given me a great technical knowledge and an appreciation of the processes involved from design to delivery.

    Interion has been an amazing experience for me; their values-driven approach is very much a reflection of my own, and I’m given the independence and authority to act in the best interests of my clients, with support from the Interion team when required.

  • Jack Nicholls, Senior Account Manager

    Jack Nicholls, Senior Account Manager

    I joined the Interion team in October 2019, since then I have been working closely with the team to provide support with existing accounts and more recently bringing in new opportunities and projects for the company.

    Previously, I worked with a design and build practice supporting the build team with all their furniture requirements from small to larger projects around the country. Prior to this I was with a furniture dealership outside London for 2 years. Through these experiences I have a been able to develop my knowledge of the industry, and I can offer clients coherent and expert advice and support for all their furniture and project requirements.

    I have a BA (hons) degree in sport & exercise management from the University of Kent. I was a personal trainer and coach for two years before joining the industry, and I have a huge passion for all sports and outdoor activities. I am currently working on several music projects with my band and look forward to finally being able to play live music again this summer!

    Interion has given me the platform to express my abilities and use my experience to run large projects from start to finish. I chose to join Interion because I believed in David and Steve’s vision, their values and it was a chance for me to learn from and develop with them both. The team around me are terrific, they support me in so many ways and we really are the trusted furniture experts!

  • Darla Dimitrovska, Senior Account Manager

    Darla Dimitrovska, Senior Account Manager

    I was familiar with Interion well before joining the company. I had heard so much about David and the integrity with which he was running the business, that I had no doubt when it was my chance to become part of the team.

    Prior to joining Interion I worked for another dealership where I gained broad experience in specifying and procuring furniture for a variety of projects including workplace, hospitality, and residential, with projects based in the UK and overseas.

    I hold a degree in Interior Design from the Staffordshire University. From a design perspective I believe that the spaces we live and work in need creative solutions to the constant changes in how we utilise them, but more importantly, should support our physical and emotional wellbeing.

    My interest in how the environment affects our wellbeing led me to research biophilic design for my dissertation. I enjoy sharing this approach with my clients, which has proven to increase productivity and employee engagement.

    I’m currently an MBA candidate; I appreciate the diversity of interrelated complexities companies are facing - and I am particularly interested in how interior design can influence organisational culture, values and employer branding.

    Being part of a team of experts is a great opportunity for all of us to influence each other, to share our values and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

  • Tugba Bilginer, Project Manager

    Tugba Bilginer, Project Manager

    My primary responsibility is to deliver Interion's projects on time and scope with minimal snagging, whilst managing the budget, stakeholders and risks throughout the project lifecycle.

    After completing my master's degree, I’ve had various roles within the contract furniture and D&B industries, where I successfully managed and delivered national and international projects, on time and within budget. I've worked on projects of all levels and sizes, including substantial projects for blue-chip clients in West Africa and Europe, in countries as varied as Ghana, Azerbaijan and the Netherlands.

    I love project management – and working with people of all levels and seniorities in a highly diverse cultural environment. I’m also passionate about the design industry and furniture in particular.

    I’m thrilled to be working for a company like Interion, which is built on and cherishes fundamental values in its day to day business, holding itself to the highest ethical standards. I find it very important to work for an organisation whose values are closely aligned with my own and whose expertise can contribute to my own. I’m committed to growing with and contributing to the company, producing value for its clients and in its projects.

    When I’m not at work, I can be found in charity shops and antique markets hunting for deals, and if not, in museums. I enjoy learning new things and am interested in nutrition and enoughism.

  • Lisa Carlton, Furniture Consultant

    Lisa Carlton, Furniture Consultant

    As a consultant for Interion, I bring in new and established clients to experience what Interion has to offer in service, experience and product variety.

    Starting in this industry back in 1998, I have seen many changes along the way, having worked for small and large dealers and for one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the UK. My training has all been ’on the job’!

    I work closely with clients to establish their needs, creating solutions and ‘making the practical look good’ within budget. Interion have a vast array of manufacturers of all different specialties in order for me to achieve this for my clients, which include large national blue-chip Corporates, Councils and smaller businesses. All are treated with the same respect, courtesy and the best service possible.

    I think one of the best developments of recent years is to be able to produce high quality renders quickly and easily to give clients a good visual of what their space could look like in 3D.

    My Christian beliefs mean that I have a strong work ethic and that I will not compromise on truth and honesty. Money is not my motivation, but it is healthy for people to work and to help others to have good and healthy work environments.

    I can honestly say that I love meeting new people through my work, and the relationships I have with my client’s I have had for many years and with my colleagues make working good fun – there is no reason why it shouldn’t be fun! I used to keep work and home life separate, but as time goes on, I believe there can be a blurring of the edges to this without detriment to either - in fact it can be beneficial.

  • Kevin Topham, Development Consultant

    Kevin Topham, Development Consultant

    As Development Consultant, my job is to bring Interion’s extraordinary ability and reputation to the attention of a wider audience. I have been enthused by their thoughtfulness and contribution to the debate about the future of the work, bringing my own skills, including the ability to undertake workplace health & safety assessments.

    My background is in commercial furniture engineering and manufacturing, working with UK and International blue-chip clients, and partnering with international suppliers, including the far east.

    Having worked ‘client-side’ in project procurement and management - developing further skills in surveying and workplace design feasibility - I have a wide-ranging perspective on client needs.

    With further experience in moves management, I have spent the last 15 years as Project Leader for a London design and build organisation. I also served as project lead and main liaison as part of London Legacy Development Corporations' stadium transformation project, successfully providing the complex feasibility, design, successful implementation & delivery of the stakeholder headquarters.

    I’m committed to supporting clients with world class insight, experience, and customer service – and what I love about Interion is that they share these commitments, along with the values and knowledge to deliver.

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Have your new office – keep your cash

Have your new office – keep your cash

Astute Financial Managers have a saying: ‘Buy what appreciates, lease what depreciates’.

They recognise the financial benefits that accrue from readily-available working capital; a return of circa 15% on available working capital delivers much more value than spending the cash on fixed assets.

With businesses under increasing pressure to deliver working environments that will attract and retain the best people - their most productive working asset – finance leasing can allow them to have the office they need now, spreading the cost over 3-5 years.

Interion’s leasing partner Bluestone Leasing can typically deliver an illustration in 24 hours and has an acceptance rate over 90%. Potentially they can cover the cost of fitting-out as well as furniture, allowing you to take advantage of the current super-deduction regime, whereby you can claim 130% capital allowances against taxable profit.

There has never been a better time to invest in your people and your future – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how much you can spend and receive a detailed illustration.

Reasons to lease:

  • Tax Savings: Many private organisations stand to benefit from significant tax benefits as finance lease payments are 100% tax deductible unlike typically using cash.

  • Enables Budgets: Budget holders get to make investment decisions based upon their needs and stakeholder returns, and are not compromised by limitations on available capital budgets.

  • Low, Fixed Costs: Small, regular payments that don’t change, regardless of any changes to interest rates, allows easy budgeting throughout the term.

  • Make Capital Work: Don’t sink valuable cash into depreciating assets, deploy it elsewhere for higher returns.

  • Spread Risk: Spread VAT: the cost of the VAT is paid in instalments rather than as a lump sum up-front (excluding Hire/Lease Purchase agreements).

  • Turnkey Solution: Customers can build all their costs into the agreement (not just the assets) to maximise their benefits even further and help towards their dream bespoke project.
Illustration – 5-year term

Illustration – 5-year term

More details – Why use Asset Finance?

This might be the question you ask yourself if you’ve never used any form of asset finance before or, perhaps, if you are examining your options prior to making a new investment.

The motivations vary depending on a host of factors including, but not limited to, the type of organisation you are, your financial position, your available capital (and broader demands on it) and your future plans.

These are the main drivers:

1. Tax

Probably one of the most misunderstood reasons but certainly one of the most popular. In essence, during the term of a finance lease, technically, the lender owns the asset. It is this feature of a finance lease that allows all of the repayments (both the capital and the interest) to be treated as fully (100%) tax deductible.

Equivalent cash purchases typically only deliver partial tax relief through the system of capital allowances and, where they qualify, enhanced capital allowances (ECA). This can be a game changer for profitable, private companies subject to corporation tax or income tax as in the case of partnerships and sole traders.

The equation has become somewhat more nuanced over recent years after the introduction of the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) in 2008 which, subject to certain caveats, does provide businesses with the equivalent of 100% tax relief on qualifying investments up to a set threshold each year, even when using capital.

That said, as many costs in a project simply don’t qualify for AIA and/or the business has used up its allowance for the year elsewhere, finance remains a great way to maximise tax efficiency for many companies.

2. Budgets

Whatever the size or shape of your organisation and project, undoubtedly when you do look to invest, you will be forced to consider available budget. Budgets are there for a reason of course and living within your means is as powerful a philosophy in business as it is in life. That said, budgets can be artificially restrictive and potentially quite damaging to the aspirations of any organisation.

Traditionally there are only three solutions when what you want to achieve doesn’t quitematch your available budget.

(i) Lower your aim

Trim down your requirements to match your available capital. The result can often meancompromising on the scope, quality and, ultimately, the outcome of your project.

(ii) Deliver it piecemeal

Do what you can now and wait until your next budget or when you have more budget available to do the rest.

(iii) Scrap it

Don’t go ahead at all. For some projects this is the only way forward as they can’t bemassaged to fit into a smaller pot.

Using finance allows you to spread your costs over the useful life of the assets you are investing in. The demands on budget fall away (for many this turns a capital expense into an operating one) and with low, fixed payments you can deliver the project you want, without compromise, and one that maximises the benefits for all your stakeholders.

3. Spreading Costs

It is a sad fact that the assets you are buying will depreciate from day one. What’s more, in most cases, they will only return value over time too.

When you consider that using capital sees you paying upfront and in full, it is not surprising that many businesses are switching on to the idea of spreading their costs in line with the return on investment over time.

Over recent years, the concept of treating your fit out and furniture “as a service” has become much more popular. This is essentially what a finance agreement gives you - the ability to spread your costs over time as you ‘use’ the assets.

4. Strategic Choice

This ability to spread costs over time offers several strategic and asset lifecycle benefits above and beyond using capital. Often in business we ‘sweat’ an asset for as long as we can – eking every last drop of value out of it until, usually, it either fails or becomes too costly.

We are then faced with having to spend a significant amount (often that we have not budgeted for) typically in a hurry so that our business is not affected.

Asset finance takes the pain of that experience away and ensures that your organisation always has the latest technology, equipment, infrastructure or environment to give you an edge in your market.

For a fixed, low amount each month you never have to face large spikes in demands on cash flow again or face the prospect of limping along with creaky old equipment or a tired old office space. Once the agreement comes to an end, you simply enter into a new agreement for brand new assets and the cycle repeats itself.

5. Opportunity Cost

Sinking capital into assets that depreciate from day one and only return value over time is very much questionable when it comes to determining the best use for your cash. The cash deployed is locked away and unavailable for other uses. A good proportion of asset finance users are large, profitable and cash-rich organisations.

Unlike those that need finance because they don’t have the available capital, these businesses have strong financials and attract the best rates and commercial terms. Furthermore, they recognise that they can make their cash reserves work harder for them by deploying their capital where it will make greater returns.

Their finance teams understand the importance of Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) and so freeing up capital to be put to work generating greater profitability can be highly beneficial for them.

6. VAT

The impact of VAT, particularly for larger interior projects, can be a serious consideration with regards to cashflow. Although most will be able to reclaim the VAT, depending on the timing of the project, businesses may face up to three months exposure until they complete their next VAT return. The situation is even more acute for organisations such as charities, which are unable to reclaim VAT at all.

Most forms of leasing (excluding Hire Purchase) allow the VAT to be spread throughout the entire term of the agreement with the VAT due only on the amount of each repayment. This helps cashflow for all but is particularly powerful for those who cannot reclaim VAT, softening the impact for any large project they are considering.

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New Year, New Office

The New Year is traditionally a time when we think about resolutions and change. After a long period of disruption, it’s clear that the world of work is changing, and our offices need to adapt to ‘blended’ work patterns.

Most experts and businesses agree that there is huge value in people working together, even if it’s for two or three days a week.

Our offices will become places of collaboration rather than routine activity, but also act as the ‘home’ of the culture, the ‘face’ of the business and the ‘place’ of business with customers and suppliers. Our adapted post-COVID motto is ‘Home. Face. Place’

The experts also agree that there will be a period of adaptation and experimentation, as occupiers work out what works best for their people.

While there is a temptation to ‘wait and see’, there’s a hidden cost in failing to begin that process; in a highly competitive labour market, the working environment has a crucial role in attracting and retaining talent.

The good news is that this doesn’t have to happen all at once, nor does it have to create major cost or disruption. New innovations in office furniture provide great scope to create collaborative space and see what works. If things need changing later, the modular nature of loose furniture items allow them to be reconfigured and adapted without significant additional expenditure.

Whether ‘open’ or ‘enclosed’, furniture can create comfortable collaborative spaces from 2 to 20 people, and any expenditure is fully tax-deductible, without the capital allowance restrictions that apply to a traditional fit-out.

The cost of purchase can usually be spread over 3-5 years with a lease/purchase contract, so there’s no reason not to have the office you need today.

CHAS certificate

As experts in this field, we can help you plan for change and success, in the comfort that our CHAS Elite compliance standard demonstrates that our policies, procedures, ethics and financial standing are among ‘best of class’ in the UK.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free consultation; our expert Account Mangers are ready to guide you into the future of work.

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It’s been an exciting and busy year for Interion…

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