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what we do newInterion provides a better level of service for the design, specification, delivery and support of business furniture.

 With over 30 years’ experience in this industry, we have deep roots. We know where to source best value and we are known and trusted by all the significant furniture makers. We are thorough and detailed in our approach, ensuring that orders, deliveries and installation services are well managed and co-ordinated. We attract very special terms from a number of select partners. Add to this our design and project management skills and you find a business with a refreshing attitude – not just completion of ‘the project’, but lifetime support for you, your business and your business environment.

Here are some of the things we do differently

It’s not all about money…
We donate 10% of our Annual Net Profit Before Tax to good causes.
We will never ask for more. Our quotations are fixed. If we’ve forgotten something or incur extra installation costs, it’s our problem, not yours.
We employ and train bright young graduates with the passion, energy and commitment to deliver class-leading results.
Your Interion team member will deal with all aspects of a given project from the first quotation through order and installation management to final sign-off. We do not pass on administrative tasks to back office staff.
We understand that trust is slowly earned and can be quickly lost.
We are trusted by all the leading manufacturers. This means we have access to the best trade terms and the fastest response levels. It can make a real difference.
Hard work and application…
Everything at Interion is driven by customer need, not the clock. Good old-fashioned hard work is rewarded and rewarding. We get that.

Here are some of the things we do better

Our quotations are fully detailed with visuals and descriptions that are clear and meaningful. You will not receive a list of obscure technical componentry from Interion.
A lot of hard and detailed work is required to assemble a best-value offering from multiple sources, and to co-ordinate the orders, technical specifications, finishes, deliveries and installation into a seamless whole. We do it better because each of our Account Mangers takes responsibility for the whole process from beginning to end. Of course we all support each other at Interion, providing help and assistance to each other when required.
Making people happy:
This is underrated in business, but of the greatest importance to us. We don’t want our customers to merely feel that we’ve met expectations. We want them to feel really good about choosing us in the first place. We’ll constantly be looking for ways in which we can make the Interion experience more pleasurable. Courtesy costs nothing.
Being what we say we are:
We are furniture specialists. Nothing else. We are not an aspiring interior fitting-out business, nor do we claim to be Project managers or Designers. When our end-user clients require such services, we partner with professionals rather than compete with them.

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