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Our Process

1. Budgets

With so many products and price points available, its important at the outset to establish a realistic and achievable budget. This will be influenced by the style and functionality required, together with the number of meeting areas, breakout spaces and social spaces.
Our budget guide page is a useful starting point to explore the options available.

We can also help by producing a detailed and reliable Bronze/Sliver/Gold budget plan based specifically on your requirements and layouts.

2. Showroom Visits

We are based in the heart of Clerkenwell, surrounded by the showrooms of all the leading suppliers. A guided showroom tour is a great way of seeing what’s available; and can often provoke interesting ideas and questions that contribute to the final workplace solution. We organise every detail to make our tours enjoyable and informative – they can be great fun!

3. Layout Planning

We offer a full range of services to help and support you in developing a layout that really works for your business. If you wish, we can start from first principles, interviewing key staff to ensure we have a thorough understanding of current and future needs, then submitting layout options for your consideration.

4. Quotations

After any combination of the previous stages, we will have developed a really good understanding of your requirements, and we’ll produce a clear and detailed quotation that captures all your needs, including appropriate options.

Interion quotations are clear and easy to understand, including descriptions and illustrations for each item, rather than a list of technical components.

5. Delivery and Installation

Once you have placed your order, we take care of everything. The co-ordination and control of projects that can involve 10 or even 30 different suppliers demands a lot of work behind the scenes. We will consolidate all the products into our warehouse, and deliver and install all elements in a coordinated and timely fashion.
Your Interion Account Manager will be present during installation; we will never ‘pass you on’ to a more junior person. In this way, we ensure that all the detailed knowledge built up during the development stages is carried through to the end of the project.

6. Snagging

Snagging is not a word that people like to talk about, but some degree of damage or product defects are to be expected. An organised snagging process is crucial to a successful outcome.
Interion are experienced in identifying and rectifying any issues- this is an area where our professionalism and determination makes a real difference to our clients. Your Account Manager will issue a detailed snagging report at completion of the installation. This report will be regularly updated as we resolve any issues, until we and you are completely satisfied that the completed project is perfect.

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