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Client: North Highland

Location: London

Sector: Business Management Consulting

People: Up to 140

Value: £173k


Product portfolio

Task Systems, Interstuhl, Humanscale, Connection, Spacestor, Boss Design, Naughtone, Allermuir, Bestuhl, Office Electrics, James Tobias, ICF

Collaboration is one of the crucial factors that makes North Highland such a dynamic organisation.

When tasked with the furniture procurement for their new offices, we were given quite a challenge – the space had to work for 40-60 people Monday to Thursday, but on Fridays had to accommodate up to 140!

To achieve this, together we focussed on touch down and hot desk areas throughout the work space. Nothing was left unconsidered to ensure that the office could accommodate the maximum number of functioning staff when called upon to do so. The result is an extraordinarily vibrant and exciting workplace – and we’re proud to be part of the team that created it!

Here are some examples of how careful furniture selection and placement has helped North Highland’s people to achieve their goals:


Upon arrival at North Highland, an S-Shaped booth provides a waiting area for guests, but is also valuable as a space for ad hoc meetings and touch-down workspace. Complimented by a standing-height table, it helps with the overflow during the week. With incredible views of the city it's proved to be a sought after spot.

Open Plan:

Stepping into the main hub of the office, there are desks for permanent staff and ‘hot-desks’ too. Even the window recesses are utilised for single hot desks. The phone booths have been acoustically treated to reduce the noise transferred to the outside office during conversations of a more private nature. There’s room for fun and a sense of place, too - they look like the iconic British police telephone boxes!

Collaboration HQ:

This is the main touch down zone in the office, where three space-efficient custom tables, complete with appropriate power and data connections, encourage ‘hot-deskers’ to collaborate with different members of the organisation.

Garden Area:

The AstroTurf floor, plywood joinery and pops of green furniture throughout create an environment that works as a both a breakout area and a touchdown working space. The area boasts one of the main meeting rooms that typically works for eight people, but can accommodate thirty people using the perimeter benches.

Kitchen and Breakout Space:

Here, functionality and design come together in perfect unison with a splash of colour. Even the table-tennis table can be used for overflow meeting space, and the lockers provide personal storage space for visitors.

Meeting Rooms:

Meeting rooms are vital to North Highland – and there are nine in total. All individually themed, they can collectively seat 90 people at the same time. Flip-top tables were used in the larger meeting rooms, providing flexibility for different configurations to be achieved, whether for formal board meetings or training.

Client Quote:

“Great people to work with to bring to life the culture and passion that is our firm. The furniture solutions provided have worked really well and the team really got to understand what would and would not work for us and our people. The management around the project was great and they coped with changing timelines and schedules without any fuss. The team’s knowledge and insight was great and attention to detail fantastic… it has been a great experience (and fun) working with you all!”

Mark Len, Principal, North Highland