Interion donates 10% of profit to charity

We’re pleased to announce that this year we have donated to Small Steps Project and Graeae Theatre Company. When I established Interion, I made a commitment that we would donate 10% of our Annual Net Profit to good causes. It’s a great thing to be able to do, and we’re thankful that our customers have allowed us, in our own small way, to ‘Change the World’! As a Christian, I believe that those causes that have need are placed before us in our day-to-day life. Here’s a brief summary of our giving over the past two years, and the reasons for selecting these particular causes. David Mackie, Principal

Small Steps Project

Small Steps Project We first found Small Steps because they put out an appeal for some office chairs – we didn’t forget the fantastic work they do, which is to provide shoes, medical care and direct support to some of the most disadvantaged children in the world – those who make a living scavenging on rubbish dumps in the World’s poorest Countries. This UK based Charity operates with an extremely low overhead, and is staffed largely by dedicated volunteers. They are gaining real traction with initiatives such as the annual celebrity shoe auction.

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Graeae Theatre Company

Graeae Theatre Company We heard about Graeae through an industry friend whose son is disabled and has a keen interest in the performing arts. Graeae are based very close to us, so we were able to visit and witness first hand their enthusiasm and dedication in providing theatre training, experience and opportunities for deaf and disabled artists. Perhaps most importantly, they are challenging preconceptions and breaking down barriers, with the aim of providing more equality of access for disabled artists across the entertainment industry.

Graeae Theatre Company
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