AGT Poortman
AGT Poortman

AGT Poortman

AGT Poortman was first established in London in 1950. Their existing Aldgate office was not quite that old, but was certainly in need of updating to provide contemporary and ergonomic facilities for their loyal employees.




£52 000


Pulse & Birdseed Importer (Shipping)

What We Did

We really enjoyed working with clients Dan and Kay; their enthusiasm and trust led to a wonderful process where we were able to achieve a great result without breaking the budget. Having a client who believes in your knowledge is very rewarding - and we’re delighted that it’s turned out so well.

We began by visiting their existing space and discussing current trends in office workspace, including electronic sit-stand desks that allow users to vary their work positions throughout the day for greater wellbeing.

At the same time, we undertook a measurement survey and current inventory so that we had all the required information to hand.

We provided an initial layout plan and quotation, then organised a showroom tour where Dan and Kay were able to review product options and develop a greater understanding of the choices available.

After a process of refinement, we finalised and agreed the layout, specifications and budget; the next challenge was to develop a project plan to manage the exchange of old to new with minimal disruption.

Although the existing furniture was a little outdated, it still had enough life left to be donated to schools and charities though our partners Waste To Wonder. They conducted a full clearance service ahead of our consecutive weekend installations, with the furniture going to good causes instead of landfill.

Their new environment features electronic height-adjustable desking, refreshing meeting spaces and an inviting kitchen area. Storage was rationalised and desking was set out in a unified pattern to create a crisp, clean workspace with no clutter.

Here’s to the next 70 years in London, AGT Poortman!

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Supply Partners

Vitra, Icons of Denmark, Frovi, Prostoria, Boss Design, Workstories, Haiken, CBS

What our client said:

“After being referred to Interion we have found them to be engaged from the first phone call right through to completion. They understood we had a budget and time frame to work within and provided solutions and advice at every step. We now have an office environment that allows far greater staff interaction, productivity & comfort and Interion were able to deliver this with minimal disruption to our day to day working.”

Dan Holben, Managing Director, AGT Poortman

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