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Recent studies have suggested that being close to nature can help our brain and body to stay fit. Here at Interion we like to practice what we preach; take a look at our lovely office environment and imagine how your workspace could be transformed to give a greater sense of health and wellbeing to your people...

Living in a cosmopolitan city has its perks but it also has disadvantages. We are unable to interact with nature as much as we wish, consequently affecting our mood without some of us even noticing. We’re used to spending most of our time indoors and online, but recent studies have suggested that being close to nature can help our brain and body to stay fit.

More than 25% of London’s population live in flats or houses without access to a garden or to nature - and we spend more than half of the time we are awake at our workplaces! Most would agree that humans have an innate need to be connected with nature, but we’re spending less and less time in natural environments.

A recent study conducted by Human Spaces found that employees are very conscious about what they want and need from their work environment, and 33% of the study respondents reported that the design of an employer’s office affects their decision whether or not to work there.

Yet 47% of employees report that they have no natural light within their work environment – even though natural light was the number one requested element in the workplace. Similarly, natural elements such as indoor plants and colours like green, blue and brown, also made the top five. Yet 58% of workers report having no greenery at all within their work environment.

Bringing nature into the workplace can help increase creativity and focus, reducing the stress that can cause health issues, impact productivity and increase business costs.

This can take many different forms including living green walls, indoor trees and planter boxes. One easy way and inexpensive idea is to add views of nature on television and monitor screens, which has been shown to create positive effects such as lowering heart rates and blood pressure.

But it’s not just the sights and sounds of nature that are beneficial. It’s also good to create spaces where employees can go to take time out, such as indoor gardens. These spaces provide opportunities for restoration, fatigue relief, privacy and retreat from noise and distractions.

At Interion we value our mutual wellbeing and our selected place of work reflects this goal. We are fortunate to share a wonderful office environment with Architects Groupwork and Interior Designers Wilson Associates. Together, we made our office a space in which everyone feels comfortable and as close to nature as possible.

Creating the natural office
Creating the natural office

If you would like to come and see our workplace, or require any help or advice creating a more natural workplace, please contact us.

Creating the natural office – examples



Our client Skanska installed this great example of a living wall in their London HQ Reception area.



This Interion project in Ealing shows how just a small amount of planting can ‘bring the outside in’.



Naava’s living walls offer a versatile and natural solution to space division in the office.



Plants can be incorporated directly into furniture products, as we see in these examples from Frovi London and Furniko at Orgatec 2018.

Our friends at Vantage Spaces specialise in the creative application of natural elements in the workplace including trees, columns, dividers and even living ceilings...

Vantage Spaces A

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