Great Expectations...

...seemed like a good title given the Christmas TV repeat season (Great Expectations was first serialised in December 1860) But we’re talking about new office furniture items ready to specify in 2020. Our January focus is on products that provide structure, form and function suitable for today’s agile workplaces.

BuzziBracks by Buzzispace

These modular workspaces by Brussels-based designer Alain Gilles can be combined in various compositions to create "micro-environments" within open workspaces.

The innovative form combines freestanding frames with curtains, providing visual definition and relief along with sound-absorbing qualities – ideal for the agile environment.

Bob Job by Bla Station

We have long admired this range, designed by Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius for Blå Station. Its been around for a long time and was first featured in our Orgatec 2016 report.

Much more than a banquette seating range, Bob Job can be configured in a very space-efficient way to create private informal meeting spaces or individual touch-down workspace.

Constructif by Creatif

The Creatif showroom has been a welcome addition to the Clerkenwell scene in 2019. They have many interesting products, and we have selected their Constructif range as an example.

Essentially based on a steel framework with applied acoustic panels and functional accessories, Constructif can be anything from a simple divider to a fully-functional meeting room. Made in the UK, Creatif have a flexible attitude to manufacturing the exact dimensions and specifications required.

The Cube by Ruetemple

We are coming across more situations where international employees need to ‘bed down’ for a short period following a long trip or a change in time zone.

This elegant ‘bed-in-a-box’ concept by Ruetemple Studio in Russia looks like a great way of providing personal downspace and storage, utilising a mobile box structure that can be reconfigured as an informal meeting space.

Originally designed as a play-and-work space for a brother and sister in a family home, we think this concept could have great applications at work!

Fabricks by Ocee Design

This neat range is self-supporting and stacking, making it very easy to apply in a range of situations where space is limited.

An effective space-divider and sound-absorber, Fabricks has recently been enhanced with mobile and window options, making it a flexible tool in the armoury of the agile space designer.

Huddlebox by Workagile

Commonly referred to as ‘bleachers’, this simple concept allows vertical space to be utilised and is a very effective way to create space definition or interesting meeting/presentation spaces.

It can be enhanced with a range of upholstered pads and cushions, while the ability to incorporate plants adds to the visual interest and sense of wellbeing in the workplace.

Mutu by Workagile

Also by Workagile, the beautiful Mutu range is a tactile and functional alternative to the systems desk. Available in both sitting and standing heights, it will always serve to break up the monotony of larger open workplaces with its distinctive appearance.

We particularly like the Linoleum top option that combines with wood solids to create a piece of furniture you want to touch and feel! Thoughtful touches include a footrest which allows users to adopt more relaxed ergonomic working postures.

Palisades Luxe by Spacestor

Palisades has become a much-specified staple of the agile environment, providing an elegant and flexible solution for space-division and storage. With Luxe, Spacestor have introduced a range of lustrous and opulent finishes that can add a bit of zing to the workplace.

Sett by Haiken

There are now many pods and booths available, but this new range from Haiken is distinguished by some neat attributes including a minimalist aesthetic with rounded corners and powder-coated steel exteriors. As well as a two-speed ventilation system, these units feature clever retractable wheels, making them easy to relocate without requiring expert installers.

Too a Picnic by Agilita

This is a very clever piece of minimalist design that provides seating, meeting or touchdown functionality based around an elegant ‘A’ frame structure. It is very compact and therefore easy to apply where space is limited, particularly against walls or cores.

Here at Interion, we’re always looking for ways to save you time through our knowledge and understanding of where to find and apply great product solutions. If you need any help or advice finding the right solution for your workplace, just call us on 0203 815 9400 or click here to contact us

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