Interion – Top Ten Products 2019

Some innovative products have made a splash in 2019 and this is our ‘Team Interion Top Ten’. Our dilemma was rather like that the Booker or Mercury Prize judges must face every year; so don’t pay too much attention to the order – they’re all great products!

Counting up from number 10, read on...

10. Bisley BOB

BOB is a magnetic modular storage and display system made up of high-quality plywood which gives it a flawless clean design. BOB is great for breaking up spaces and allows you to create different configurations that are unique. Not only is BOB a great product, its easy to use and very cost effective.


9. DNA by Boss Design

We were one of the very first to order the newly released DNA lounge chair for a recent project in Belgium, and it’s fair to say we’ll be using this chair a lot more! We used two-tones of fabric and the wooden base to give a sophisticated finish to this striking new addition to the Boss range.


8. Design Kartell – Nomad

Simple yet functional, the Nomad planter with its hand-stitched leather handle allows you to change the position to suit your mood or the plants requirements.

Made in the UK from tubular and laser cut steel, the Nomad will not just be a planter hiding in the corner but a piece of furniture, to stay with you over the years.

Available in a number of RAL colour the Nomad is certain to add a certain level of playfulness and interest to workplace and hospitality schemes.


7. Norr11 – Samurai Chair

Designer Kristian Sofus Hansen creates unique pieces through simple, functional and considered design. Samurai is a modern lounge chair, made from turned oak timber sections with the seat and back in high quality saddle leather or canvas.

Samurai is offered with saddle leather from Sorensen Leathers or premium quality re-enforced canvas, which folds around the chair like armour and carries the body with ease. The seat is mounted with brass rivets in order to achieve maximum strength, whilst the back is mounted with adjustable leather straps and brass buckles.


6. Stix by Thinking Works

With its minimal, modernist design this desking offering from Thinking works is both pleasing on the eye and on your health, as it is also available as a ‘Sit Stand’ desking system.

A design led desk and table system inspired by the simplistic construction of bamboo scaffolding. Stix uses extrusions, die castings and steel tubular profiles to create its unique style.

We like its clean lines and thoughtful in-built cable management solution.


5. Alea

Not so much a single product as an attitude; Alea actively encourage the creation of beautiful bespoke solutions. They offer an extraordinarily wide range of materials and finishes, with an ability to create original, deceptively simple solutions.

Their ‘glass box’ meeting rooms are a stunning alternative to partitions, working particularly well in buildings with exposed services.


4. Bernard by Hay

This solid wood ‘Easy chair’ designed by Shane Schneck for Hay is a firm favourite with us.

The Juxtaposition between the chunky solid wood frame and the light leather or canvas seat cover creates a beautiful chair that marries both components together seamlessly.

Bernard’s modern design aesthetic creates a contemporary feel as well as an incredibly comfortable sit. This is sure to be a future design classic.


3. Form-Mobile by Jennifer Newman

A unique feature of this product is that each tabletop is made from a sheet of cold rolled steel, as oil is applied to reduce the friction from the roller, it is embedded into the surface giving a completely different incredible finish each time. We also like the design for its lightweight form and integrated functionality.


2. Naava Green Walls

Naava’s modular ‘living walls’ feature full mechanical irrigation. This is a great way to provide green space division without some of the maintenance issues associated with multiple plant pots.

Naava point out that their system also allows the plants’ roots to contribute to improved air quality – apparently, roots have a greater oxygenating impact than leaves. We love the way this product is thought through; easy to incorporate into all areas of the working environment with single- and double-sided options...


and our winner is...

1. Actiu Talent 500

Actiu are great innovators, and Talent is a multi-purpose table that does everything – essentially a height-adjusting flip-top packed with clever features for agile working and training.

Features include easy user height adjustment, cable management, locking castors and bump-proof edging. Fitted with the right top, a table can even be used as a vertical white board - that’s agility!


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