Office Furniture Dealers – What’s the point?
Office Furniture Dealers – What’s the point?

Did you know that across Europe, more than 75% of furniture manufacturers distribute exclusively through dealers?

...and with good reason; they recognise that they simply don’t have the internal resources to manage and deliver complex furniture projects effectively.

A knowledgeable dealer is a valuable resource for controlling and co-ordinating your furniture project and, perhaps surprisingly, delivering better performance and value

Not all dealers are the same

At Interion we pride ourselves on our knowledge and independence. These, together with passion and hard work, make all the difference.

No single manufacturer has a monopoly on best value, design or performance for the myriad of different furniture product types that go into a project. At any given point in time, for example, one manufacturer may have just introduced a technically superior ergonomic chair, while another may offer exceptional value or features in sit-stand desking.

We attend all the major furniture shows in order that we know exactly where to find best value and performance in each product category. Not only do we know what’s available now, but what may be available in the near future that could better satisfy a particular requirement; knowledge can help to prevent costly mistakes.

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But knowledge alone has little value without independence. Certain manufacturer-dealer partnerships work on volume-driven agreements, whereby the dealer is expected to ‘lead’ with a certain manufacturer’s products. Interion has never and will never accept such agreements; it’s important to us that we maintain impartiality so we can recommend the products that offer best overall value and performance on a project-by-project basis.

Have a look at our project portfolio to see the variety in appearance and budgets; this is the mark of an independent dealer that strives to meet the distinct expectations of each individual customer and professional team.

Its not just about products

Independence is important for another reason; we want to recommend manufacturers that perform well. Where choice of supplier is available, it makes sense to pick one we can all rely upon – and past performance is a good indicator of future performance.

Sometimes it may be necessary to specify product(s) from manufacturers who have not always been reliable in the past, but if we are aware of potential performance issues, we can make plans to mitigate their impact.

The Environment

We’re all concerned about the environment; it’s preferable where possible to pick manufacturers with strong environmental credentials. We’ll consider many factors including ISO14001 accreditation, other certifications, recycled/recyclable content, location of manufacture, transport policy, VOC emissions, previous experience and trade association membership.

See more about our positive environmental approach here

Your time is important

With hundreds of potential suppliers in the UK alone, it’s virtually impossible to know where to start without specialist knowledge. We can very quickly ‘home in’ on appropriate suppliers, dealing with information requests and organising well-managed and informative showroom tours to compare and contrast suitable products.

Typically, a project may involve products from 10 - 30 individual suppliers, so it’s important to control and co-ordinate warehousing, delivery and installation. We also take care of any quality/snagging issues proactively, so you don’t have to!

As a matter of principle, your Interion Account Manager stays with you from first introduction to completion of installation; no handing-off, no loss of knowledge and one person to deal with from start to finish.

Positive assistance

We’ll do everything we can to help you gain the best possible result, and we have several services that can help in preparing for your project.

We often begin by undertaking a survey of your existing furniture; you may be surprised at what you can re-utilise, and its good for the environment!

We can develop layout plans to your brief if you don’t have them, and we’ll happily produce an early, reliable budget guide to bronze/silver/gold standards based upon these layouts, considering any existing furniture that can be re-used. This early information is a valuable management tool to set realistic aspirations and expectations.

When we produce a detailed specification and cost plan, we will, where possible, include different cost options to give you as much choice as possible. We’ll work with you to hone the specification until it meets your needs exactly. Our Process

So what about value?

We’re very confident about the value we deliver, which is why we are very transparent about providing realistic budget guidance, backed up by data from the projects we have undertaken.

We are known and trusted by all the leading manufacturers because we’re easy to deal with and always pay our bills on time. So we obtain excellent discounts for the benefit of our clients.

If you choose to appoint us early, we can even negotiate a transparent open-book or fee-based approach, providing you with the ultimate level of commercial control.

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David Mackie

"I began work life as a designer, and for 25 years before establishing Interion, I was the primary buyer of office furniture for a large Design & Build Company.

I’ve put everything I learned - good and bad - into making Interion a furniture partner that can be trusted to deliver quality and value, making your life a bit easier..."

David Mackie, Principal

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