100% Design and Design Junction Furniture Show Highlights 2018

Over a few cool September days both exhibitions commenced and concluded. For busy design professionals this was an opportunity to see new products and old friends – though the separate locations made it difficult to find the time to do justice to both. The range of exhibitors was diverse, which in a way made it easier to focus on products relevant to the commercial workplace. Here are some products that caught our eye…

Interion's Highlights from 100% Design and Design Junction Furniture Show 2018 in London

100% Design and Design Junction Furniture Show 2018


Actiu were exhibiting at both locations. This Spanish manufacturer is introducing some thoughtful products that score on form and function. The ‘Carbon Fiber Chair’ was simply stunning, and we were hugely impressed by the new ‘Talent’ tables – nesting mobile flip-top tables that can be height-adjustable. These are very well thought-out; there is even a dry-wipe surface option so the table can be used as a whiteboard – very agile!

Actiu at 100% Design and Design Junction Furniture Show 2018


Missana displayed some eye-catching seating from a prime position on the main floor of 100%, which attracted a lot of attention from visitors…we especially liked the flowering shape of ‘Quetzal’ by Marc Venot…

Missana at 100% Design and Design Junction Furniture Show 2018

Dare Studio

Dare Studio at 100% Design and Design Furniture 2018 in London

… a bit of a favourite of ours, Dare Studio had a typically refined display of products with a consistent design sensibility; lightness of detail combined with well-chosen finishes to create elegance that would be desirable in the home or the workplace.

Dare Studio at 100% Design and Design Furniture 2018 in London


Most shows now feature a plethora of Pods, including the now familiar circular design by The Meeting Pod Co. It seems that they have now been persuaded to ‘go square’ with a new range displayed in a 1970’s palette that looks suitable for outdoor use. (this was a colour combination favoured by Interion Principal Dave Mackie in his youth) Nook displayed a compact pod that is usefully mobile – good for use in front of riser cupboards?

The Meeting Pod Co and Nook at 100% Design and Design Junction Furniture 2018


Climb to the gallery on the first floor of Olympia and you find a few more offbeat items. Naghui is a new Italian manufacturer who displayed a ‘collapsible’ coffee table called ‘Margo’ and some cardboard items that are held together with a spiked plastic insert that also acts as a pencil holder. Not sure they’re for every corporate workplace but could create an interesting talking point?

Naghui at 100% Design and Design Junction Furniture Show 2018


Domusfurniture 2018

We saw Domus tables in the Crypts at CDW earlier this year - made of aluminium, steel, wood, even papier mâché. At 100% they added wall panels, mirrors and a credenza. British creative design should be applauded and we look forward to seeing more products from them.

Fun and Games

The Games Room Company at 100% Design and Design Junction Furniture Show 2018

The boundaries between work and play are shifting to the extent that The Games Room Company took a large stand. What fun to see the super-futuristic pool table next to a retro jukebox and drinks dispenser! We saw many people playing the large Shuffleboard table, which appeared to feature a low-friction marble slab. Christmas is just around the corner…

Ton and deadgood at 100% Design and Design Junction Furniture Show 2018


Ton displayed their ‘Chip’ chair – so named because it is shaped like a well-known potato chip brand! To our mind a bit retro, almost colonial in appearance, but utilising modern mesh in the bentwood frame. This was a large, striking piece but deceptively light in appearance. Drinks on the veranda, anyone?


We’re always pleased to see deadgood – a company with a strong ‘made in Britain’ ethic. This year they introduced the ‘Hug’ chair which hits the ‘retro’ zeitgeist, and is available using Lloyd Loom, a traditional yet somewhat forgotten twentieth century material, manipulated over a plywood shell and sat atop a recycled steel frame. Lloyd Loom is manufactured out of Kraft paper twisted round fine aluminium wire. The material is smooth to the touch, impervious and remarkably strong and durable. Dead Good!


Gufram 2018

The prize for the most eye-catching display at Designjunction surely goes to Gufram! Their disco-themed installation featured ‘pop star’ furniture alongside the melted glitter ball. It may have been recycled from Milan but who cares? In their own words: “enjoy this ultimate extravaganza by Charley Vezza – owner, soul of Gufram and a master himself in enjoying life – and check how a symbolic place as the discotheque, a space so intertwined with our pop culture since the mid 1960’s, can be re-thought, re-shaped by contemporary objects, to combine past and present. With Disco Gufram, every floor can be a dance floor and every room can be a ball room” Where do we sign?

Best of the rest

Interion at 100% Design and Design Junction Furniture Show 2018

James Burleigh is a great British innovator and a very nice bloke, too. This may not seem ‘new’ but we shouldn’t forget that JB’s products have unique construction details and are among the most copied in the contract furniture business – for good reason.

These fluid stools by Zhekai Zhang looked great, stand sponsored by Kvadrat & Dudson.

Verity Studio presented some neat drones that can be ‘flight choreographed’. More interesting than another chair?

Interion at 100% Design and Design Junction Furniture Show 2018

Vitra’s exhibition focussed on their classic and contemporary products, offering insights into the company’s product development processes and recounting the origins and stories behind some of the most recognisable designs.

Icon Mood Tube – UK designed and made

Erik Joergensen’s OVO – “The chair that resembles fresh pasta”

Interion at 100% Design and Design Junction Furniture Show 2018

&New Modern British Furniture: Colour Play Tables & Waste Not Bench in 100% recycled plastic

Lammhults Dexter stools

Interion at 100% Design and Design Junction Furniture Show 2018

We hope you enjoyed our highlights! If you need any further information or help specifying these products, please do not hesistate to get in touch. You can also download a PDF of the Interion Design Junction Furniture Show Highlights for 2018 here:

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