Written by Harry Barlow – Account Manager at Interion:

There are numerous studies and reports on welcoming greenery into interior design. Plants are commonly used within residential and hospitality spaces, although typically less within commercial workplace design. Humans have a natural desire to be connected with nature; scientists call this ‘biophilia’. Unfortunately, in many workplaces we find they can be stripped of all plant life and lose connection to the natural environment. There are many benefits to having natural life within the office, not just aesthetically, but for the overall office environment.

1: Room Acoustics.
One of the main drawbacks to having modern open-plan office design is there are fewer elements to reduce sound reverberation within the space. Noise reduction is a lesser-known benefit of plants, which do this by offering absorption and diffraction of sound. The results will vary depending on the species, specimen size, pot size and the moisture content of the potting medium, as well as the size of the room and what is contained within it. We are still in the early days of understanding exactly how much effect plants will have on room acoustics. However, having some large plants spread around the room will certainly make an improvement. To work at their best the plants should be big, healthy and full bodied. They should be happy plants that look good!

2: Air Quality
One of the most well-known facts about plants is the process of photosynthesis. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air, combining it with water and light to produce oxygen. Introducing plants at various points within the room will have an impact on the air quality within the space. Having cleaner air within your office allows more oxygen to get to your brain. This enables you to breathe better, sleep better, feel more refreshed and improve your overall wellness.

3: Feels more like home.
Many people pride themselves on their gardens and I bet you have a plant or two at home. Therefore, why not have them at work? Introducing greenery to your desk or wider working environment will bring with it a sense of wellbeing and that you’re not trapped inside. Most of your day-to-day life will be spent within the workplace. Therefore, introducing something that reminds you of being outside, or at home, will only improve the experience of being at work.

4: Wellbeing.
With an improved and more natural environment; staff are likely to be more engaged, productive, less stressed, happier, healthier and creative. This could also lead to reducing sickness and absence. A happy workforce is a productive workforce!

If you require any further insights, or guidance with how to use plants within your office, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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Images sourced with permission from: LifeHacker (Top, central), Geo Fleur (Bottom, right).

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