Office Design Trends 2019

The emphasis of office design this year will be firmly on the employee, specifically from a health and wellbeing perspective, marking a shift from previous conversations, which have focused more on ‘objects’, from furniture to space and technology, or even policies.

Over a few cool September days both exhibitions commenced and concluded. For busy design professionals this was an opportunity to see new products and old friends – though the separate locations made it difficult to find the time to do justice to both. The range of exhibitors was diverse, which in a way made it easier to focus on products relevant to the commercial workplace. Here are some products that caught our eye…

Another Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) has come and gone… Blessed with good weather, the streets of Clerkenwell were thronging with eager visitors; large numbers of attendees were reported by show participants in the pavilions and the established showrooms. By Thursday many of the showroom hosts were beginning to lose their voices –either because of their selling activity or attendance at the many parties! We certainly heard of a few people ‘camping out’ in their showrooms after a late night…

A new expert statement published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine casts light...

Here at Interion we’re surprised by the lack of technical acoustic data that is available to support manufacturers claims in respect of sound attenuation.

There is no shortage of products available in the rush to provide breakout/meeting spaces with a degree of privacy, but do they work?

The modern generation of weight-sensing task chairs only work correctly if the chairs are set at the correct height (thighs parallel to floor, or very slightly elevated). In todays office environments, occupants often have multiple large monitor screens mounted on arms, which leads to a conflict.

The ongoing debate about the impact of open plan offices on people's wellbeing and productivity continues to divide opinion. While there is a large amount of data from the likes of Leesman Index and workplace expert Nigel Oseland to suggest that an open plan office is the best solution when applied in the right way and right context, a new study from Karlstad University claims the opposite. The more co-workers that share of a workplace, the less satisfied employees are, and the more difficult they think it is to work collaboratively.

A stud in the Jounral of Psychological Science carried out by researchers at Ariel University and Tel Aviv University suggests that standing to work may improve cognitive performance as well as physical wellbeing. The study of 50 students carried out by Yaniv Mama, David Rosenbaum and Daniel Algom found that the mild stress associated with the effort of standing up improved the ability of participants to cope with simple mental tasks.

Our offices have become our second homes. Keeping your workspace tidy, organised and personal can be a challenge in small offices. Here are some ideas to keep your office space practical and clutter-free using the limited space you have.

Interion’s good friend Alan Hancock is the Principal of Space at Work in Vancouver, Canada. He has recently written this brief article, which we think is highly relevant and useful here in the UK.

Employee experience exists at the intersection of the Cultural, Technological and Physical environments A great employee experience is assured when these environments work together.

The links between an employee’s working environment and productivity are well known, and backed up by several pieces of research.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that industry insiders are predicting that the emphasis of office design this year will be firmly on the employee, specifically from a health and well-being perspective.

This marks a shift from previous conversations , which have focused more on ‘objects’, from furniture to space and technology, or even policies.

Our friends at Aberley workplace experts recently invited us to a fantastic seminar on ‘Healthy Workplaces and Cultures’, hosted by Kinnarps furniture at their Farringdon showroom. It was a stimulating and thoughtful presentation by two leading wellness protagonists - Professor Emeritus Derek Clements-Croome of Reading University and Ann Marie Aguilar of IWBI-WELL Faculty. Here are some of the key points that resonated with us…..

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