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Great Expectations

...seemed like a good title given the Christmas TV repeat season (Great Expectations was first serialised in December 1860) But we’re talking about new office furniture items ready to specify in 2020. Our January focus is on products that provide structure, form and function suitable for today’s agile workplaces.

Top ten products 2019

Some innovative products have made a splash in 2019 and this is our ‘Team Interion Top Ten’. Our dilemma was rather like that the Booker or Mercury Prize judges must face every year; so don’t pay too much attention to the order – they’re all great products!

Counting up from number 10, read on...

Agile Working – What does it mean?

Everyone is talking about ‘Agile office environments’ – ask 5 people what it means and you’ll get 5 different answers. But did you know that agile working principles were being proposed 34 years ago? Read on to discover more...

100% Design 2019

It’s a shame that on its 25th Anniversary, 100% Design seemed smaller and less relevant than it used to be. There were plenty of small exhibitors - particularly for the home environment - but it was hard to find a theme or centrepiece. Most of the more recognised supplier names were absent; perhaps it’s a reflection of current Brexit uncertainties and marketing budgets have been slashed?

However, it was worth beating a path to Olympia to uncover some new products and suppliers; here are a few that caught our eye…

Sit-stand desks - what to look for

It’s now universally accepted that having the opportunity to adjust the height of your desk is a good thing.

At a simple level, such adjustments allow a shared ‘agile’ desk position to quickly adjust to the needs of different users. But perhaps more importantly, studies have demonstrated that significant health benefits accrue by alternating sitting and standing postures throughout the working day.

However, it’s easy to make mistakes sourcing the right products; this guide will help you understand which features to look for…

Ergonomic Office Chairs

The chair is the single most important piece of office furniture – with the biggest impact on an individual’s health, wellbeing and productivity.

Conservatively, the cost of an office employee is £150,000 over 5 years. If a chair can improve that person’s productivity by just 2% its worth £3000 to an employer!

Just 10% of this cost will secure a very good chair, and 20% a superb chair. If you’d like to know what to look for in a great office chair read on...

Office Furniture Dealers – What’s the point?

Did you know that across Europe, more than 75% of furniture manufacturers distribute exclusively through dealers?

...and with good reason; they recognise that they simply don’t have the internal resources to manage and deliver complex furniture projects effectively.

A knowledgeable dealer is a valuable resource for controlling and co-ordinating your furniture project and, perhaps surprisingly, delivering better performance and value

Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

It was CDW’s 10th anniversary this year and the show seemed bigger than ever with 294 exhibitors and an estimated 30,000+ visitors/registrants. In addition to the specialist exhibitions, it was nice to see good levels of participation from the established showrooms –especially those that made a real effort rather than just ‘opening their doors’.

Moving? Why not use your existing furniture?

It may seem strange that a furniture company should be suggesting this, but at Interion, we help our clients to achieve the very best value for money; it’s one of the ways in which we build long-term relationships based on trust.

We also believe that we have a duty to minimise our impact on the environment – how better than to utilise as many existing products as possible, rather than sending them to the tip!

Office Acoustics

This brief guide will introduce you to some acoustic terminology and the product types available to address acoustic issues in the workplace.

Most people simply want their working space to be relatively free from distraction, yet allow a conversation to be held with reasonable privacy.

There is no doubt that we all need to think carefully about our planet and its future. Good Environmental Credentials are becoming increasingly important in the decision-making process for sourcing furniture.

It can be very confusing to compare different manufacturers’ Environmental statements, standards and ‘green labels’, so Interion is building a comprehensive comparative database to help us compare and select the greenest suppliers…

Orgatec remains the best show in Europe if you’re interested in working environments – and some 63,000 trade visitors were – an increase of 15% from the last show in 2016. According to Katherina Hamma, COO of organiser Koelnmesse, it has “successfully transformed itself from being solely a product showcase to an issues-focused business event… firmly embedding the sociopolitical importance of modern working worlds in decision makers’ thinking”.

Office Design Trends 2019

The emphasis of office design this year will be firmly on the employee, specifically from a health and wellbeing perspective, marking a shift from previous conversations, which have focused more on ‘objects’, from furniture to space and technology, or even policies.

Over a few cool September days both exhibitions commenced and concluded. For busy design professionals this was an opportunity to see new products and old friends – though the separate locations made it difficult to find the time to do justice to both. The range of exhibitors was diverse, which in a way made it easier to focus on products relevant to the commercial workplace. Here are some products that caught our eye…

Another Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) has come and gone… Blessed with good weather, the streets of Clerkenwell were thronging with eager visitors; large numbers of attendees were reported by show participants in the pavilions and the established showrooms. By Thursday many of the showroom hosts were beginning to lose their voices –either because of their selling activity or attendance at the many parties! We certainly heard of a few people ‘camping out’ in their showrooms after a late night…

A new expert statement published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine casts light...

The modern generation of weight-sensing task chairs only work correctly if the chairs are set at the correct height (thighs parallel to floor, or very slightly elevated). In todays office environments, occupants often have multiple large monitor screens mounted on arms, which leads to a conflict.

The ongoing debate about the impact of open plan offices on people's wellbeing and productivity continues to divide opinion. While there is a large amount of data from the likes of Leesman Index and workplace expert Nigel Oseland to suggest that an open plan office is the best solution when applied in the right way and right context, a new study from Karlstad University claims the opposite. The more co-workers that share of a workplace, the less satisfied employees are, and the more difficult they think it is to work collaboratively.

A stud in the Jounral of Psychological Science carried out by researchers at Ariel University and Tel Aviv University suggests that standing to work may improve cognitive performance as well as physical wellbeing. The study of 50 students carried out by Yaniv Mama, David Rosenbaum and Daniel Algom found that the mild stress associated with the effort of standing up improved the ability of participants to cope with simple mental tasks.

Our offices have become our second homes. Keeping your workspace tidy, organised and personal can be a challenge in small offices. Here are some ideas to keep your office space practical and clutter-free using the limited space you have.

Interion’s good friend Alan Hancock is the Principal of Space at Work in Vancouver, Canada. He has recently written this brief article, which we think is highly relevant and useful here in the UK.

Employee experience exists at the intersection of the Cultural, Technological and Physical environments A great employee experience is assured when these environments work together.

Our friends at Aberley workplace experts recently invited us to a fantastic seminar on ‘Healthy Workplaces and Cultures’, hosted by Kinnarps furniture at their Farringdon showroom. It was a stimulating and thoughtful presentation by two leading wellness protagonists - Professor Emeritus Derek Clements-Croome of Reading University and Ann Marie Aguilar of IWBI-WELL Faculty. Here are some of the key points that resonated with us…..

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