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Client: Bink

Location: Ascot

People: 40 and growing!

Value: £43k

Sector: Financial Technology

Product portfolio

Elite, Ocee Design, Orangebox, Connection, Frovi, Abstracta,

Founded two years ago and growing rapidly, Bink provides a mobile app that facilitates the exchange of business cards; the user creates a customised virtual card that can be shared with contacts digitally. Bink took the decision to move to a recently-built business park just 5 minutes’ walk from Ascot station. They took more space than necessary right now, allowing room for the additional team members who are arriving monthly!

Our main aim was to supply flexible furniture that could be delivered fast and topped up easily. To achieve this, we focused the specification on trusted and familiar manufacturing partners to ensure the process was smooth yet as fast as possible. A tour of Clerkenwell’s showrooms helped us to get the specification just right - white desking, frosted screens, colourful cushioned pedestals, and simple black and chrome chairs.

Entering the space, you are greeted by the colourful ceiling-hung Airflake panel dividing the office space and the social areas. This creates a bright and fun backdrop to their reception seating area with a simple circular coffee table. The office has an informal, clean and simple feel throughout.

There is only one enclosed office on the floor – shared by the two Senior Executives. Next to this is a circular ‘Hive’ unit as more of a relaxed meeting / touchdown spot. The central breakout area accommodates a TV overlooking a high bench table with integrated power; this is a great meeting point where employees can get away from their desks for lunch or chats.

Given the need to accommodate staff as quickly as possible, delivery and installation had to be ‘staged’, prioritising the provision of desks and chairs. This process took place over a couple of months, with our installation team delivering each category of furniture as soon as it had been manufactured.

Ultimately, we delivered a spacious, smart and modern office that properly reflects the values and success of this extremely successful Financial Technology business.

Our Client said:

“Interion were great; easy to communicate with and very efficient. Great customer service, great products – I would recommend Interion to anyone”

Mikayla Rowe, Bink

Bink’s customer feedback score overall: 9.5/10