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...And what they say about us

  • “Interion were the perfect partner to furnish our new London office. From the outset they were focused entirely on our needs as a client and put us at the centre of everything. Both Dave and Steve provided an exceptional level of knowledge, support and enthusiasm. Steve in particular was endlessly flexible and patient during a very challenging installation and the end result is simply fantastic. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

    Nick Baker, Project Leader, Skanska

  • “This is the most recent of many projects undertaken for us by Interion, and possibly the most demanding! What I love about Interion is that I can trust them - absolutely. The quality of their Account Managers makes the process of specification, budgeting, delivery and installation a breeze; I only have to pick up the phone to one person and it’s dealt with, whatever stage the project is at. All the things they do (including dealing with problems) are delivered with humour and good grace –which makes a real difference to getting the job done.”

    Michelle Weiss, Head of Property & FM, Just Eat

  • “David and his team provided an exemplary service to the LME from the early product selection and value-engineering stages through to the delivery, installation and snagging of our new furniture. To deliver this major project in challenging circumstances is a testament to the values and integrity of Interion as a business. We are delighted with the end result, and Interion remains a trusted long-term partner to the London Metal Exchange.”.

    Stuart Sloan, Chief Operating Officer, London Metal Exchange

  • “We had a fantastic relationship with you; the level of your support and attention to detail was second to none. Steve was on the ball and engaged without delay on all questions asked and requests made. On the final installation, both Steve’s and David’s level of detail was superb and worked clearly as part of our team. Thank you!”

    John Nolan, Facilities Manager, Aspect Software

  • “Great people to work with to bring to life the culture and passion that is our firm. The furniture solutions provided have worked really well and the team really got to understand what would and would not work for us and our people. The management around the project was great and they coped with changing timelines and schedules without any fuss. The team’s knowledge and insight was great and attention to detail fantastic… it has been a great experience (and fun) working with you all!”

    Mark Len, Principal, North Highland

  • “When we were introduced to Interion, they got us up to date very quickly. They made us feel very comfortable to ask questions and solved any issues we may have raised. They are friendly, approachable and of course very professional; Interion has been very understanding and accommodating to the unusual set up they have had to deal with. We will continue to use them for future projects.”

    Sharon Ampaw, Project Leader, Greystar

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Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

The disruption and social isolation caused by the pandemic has taken a huge toll on everybody. According to a meta-analysis by Julianne Holt-Lunstad, PhD, lack of social connection heightens health risks and has also found that loneliness and social isolation are twice as harmful to physical and mental health as obesity.

The importance of remaining connected in the workplace, whether at home or at the office, has never been more significant. As we begin to tackle this next phase of returning to work, both employers and we as individuals have been presented with an opportunity to redefine how we approach our workplace wellness.

Returning to the Office

Making work attractive and providing reassurance to staff is key to encourage their return to work. Employers need to identify obstacles that may prevent or delay a return or require workers to remain away from the workplace. Temporary, medium or long-term adjustments may be required, e.g. a gradual build-up of hours.

In a recent webinar hosted by Spacestor, Natalie Engels, Design Principal of Gensler spoke about the ‘Mudroom’ concept where people bring their own mugs, keyboards, food to work.

We think there will be more of an emphasis on personal storage and lockers being more available to employees to reduce the stress of sharing items with the rest of the office. We have provided contactless swipe card lockers in the past which could prove popular.

We are also expecting to see a rise in the hub-and-spoke model where a company’s central headquarters, perhaps located centrally in a city, will have smaller offices or co-working spaces located in suburban areas where teams can walk, cycle or drive to work. This will help with the concerns surrounding public transport to crowded areas which people are often more opposed to than being in a controlled office space.

As we design our workplaces of the future, environmental practices and employee wellness which have already been a growing trend will become even more of a priority. A good example of this is the WELL v2 Standard which comprises of 10 categories: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind and Community. Even if a build project is not directly applying for this standard there are lots of good practises they should consider implementing.

Wellbeing Standard

Ultimately, companies will need to have a continued open and honest communication with employees about everything they can provide to ensure a safe environment. We believe there is a large portion of office workers who would like to return for some much-needed interaction with colleagues.

Working from Home

In 2019 of the 32.6 million in employment in the UK, around 1.7 million people were reported as working mainly from home. Only around 8.7 million people said that they have ever worked from home in the past; this is less than 30% of the workforce. Many of us now work from home due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the usual support we access in our workplaces may not be there for us, so how can we adapt to this ‘new normal’.

Finding your focus at the office can sometimes be difficult with distractions, but at home there are even more! It’s important to try creating boundaries if your home is your office and having a dedicated area of the house or your room for you to work from can help delineate your work time from your leisure time. If working in a busy area of the house, try to clear away your notes and laptop at the end of the day.

As work rate begins to increase, we very often power through the day and late into the evening to ensure everything gets done, but actual productivity can suffer. Make sure you are still taking lunchbreaks and eating in a different room from where you are working. Another highly recommended practice is to ensure you allow half an hour before work to exercise or relax with a coffee to allow some quiet time before the busyness of the day.

Research has shown during lockdown there was an increase in drinking alcohol but also an increase in the amount of people trying to quit smoking. We are all aware of the health issues surrounding smoking. But, it is often a useful way to step away from a task at regular intervals throughout the day, a chance to socialise and offer some relaxation. The fundamental practices here are actually quite good for wellbeing, but the cost to your health is not. Quitting isn’t easy, so support is available to help with the first steps including Hypnotherapy.

Having your home as your workplace can mean that work begins to take over and becomes dominant when inevitably things can get tough. As awareness of metal health and stress management continues to rise each year there are now so many different ways of getting support; for instance Mind or BACP. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

Mental health and wellbeing

Have you considered a workplace ergonomic assessment for your home office? A correct sitting position with adjustable chair and screens is now standard. Our partners at Black and White Office Consultancy can arrange to conduct these for your team via video call.

We are expecting to see more design attention and focus on home offices. How can employers get the most out of their staff while working from home? Most companies probably did not have a work from home policy in place, now working from home will be a policy for most, so equipment and technology will need to be made available for employees at their homes.

If you need any further help or advice, please contact us.

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Everything you need to go back to work

Everything you need to go back to work

What can you do to ensure a safe return to the office? Based on Government advice, and using products from our extensive supplier network, we have assembled, in one place, all the guidance you need.

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Office Fabrics – What to look for

Office fabrics - what to look for

Image courtesy of Rhubarb Chairs

When choosing a new piece of furniture, fabric selection is one of the most important choices you’ll need to make. With so many options available it can become a bit overwhelming. Aside from colour(s) and pattern, you need to consider the right type of fabric for your application.

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The Trouble with Tenders at Turner & Townsend

Our thanks to Aoife McCarthy and the team at Turner & Townsend for hosting and attending our presentation ‘The Trouble with Tenders’.

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2019 Roundup

It’s been an exciting and busy year for Interion…

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We recently held a gin tasting Masterclass at our RIBA National Award 2018 winning offices in Clerkenwell.

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